SPP 11 and 12: Child Find and Early Childhood Transition

TEA has provided more information and resources for the 2012 data submission for State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators 11 and 12. Information about TEASE access was provided in a previous post to this blog. Other training materials have been posted to the Region XIII website for SPP.

SPP 11: Frequently Asked Questions

SPP 11: Instructions

SPP 11: Training PPT

SPP 12: Frequently Asked Questions

SPP 12:Instructions

SPP 12: Training PPT


For questions about Indicators 7, 11 and 12 please contact Brenda Bush at Region XIII: 512-919-5206/ brenda.bush@esc13.txed.net

Below is an email from the Division of Federal and State Education Policy at TEA. 

All LEAs are required to certify their data.  LEAs that have no students who meet the data collection criteria must still certify that they have no data to report for SPP 11 and 12.

SPP 11 and 12 online applications will open on July 1, 2012 for data
entry for the 2011-12 school year. There can only be one Certifier per
district for each SPP application.  If the person established as the
Certifier has left that position or the district, then that role will
need to be revoked by the Superintendent before a new Certifier can
apply for access. All LEAs are encouraged to review their TEASE roles
for all SPP applications.

All applications will close on August 31, 2012. LEAs are encouraged to
review their data submission prior to certification, in particular those
LEAs that are reporting noncompliance. After the closing date of August
31, 2012, the TEA cannot return data for any of the SPP applications and
there is NO appeals process.

Data certified and submitted by LEAs through the TEASE application for
Indicator SPP 11/12 is considered final and the LEA’s performance on the
compliance indicators will be used by the Agency in the annual
Determinations analysis. LEA’s performance on the compliance indicators
will be reflected in the LEA public reporting on SPP Indicators in the
spring. Any issues related to the submission of inaccurate data or the
non submission of data will be addressed by the Division of Program
Monitoring and Intervention.

*LEAs = districts and charter schools

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