New PPCD Location codes

PPCD Service location codes are changing.

These codes are currently in PIEMS data standards, section 4, code Table ID C184. Attached are the new codes with explanation. TEA will be conducting a TETN with ESC personnel to help clarify the new codes.  Brenda Bush will share this information with districts through this blog, at the first special education director meeting and at the first PPCD coordinators meeting of the 2012-13 school year.
Please send Brenda Bush any scenarios you can think of that may be difficult to code or do not seem to be described well in the new coding. Also include which code you think it might be. These scenarios and ideas will be discussed at the TETN with TEA without district names being used.  Brenda’s email address is

What is the location code?
The PPCD-Service Location Code indicates whether or not the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities student receives their special education series in a regular early childhood program, which is defined as a program that is designed for typically developing children ages 3-5 and is not specifically or primarily designed for children with disabilities and includes a majority of at least 50 percent of non-disabled children.

Reason for the change:

Based on our review of preschool locator code data, the State has determined that the PEIMS PPCD-Service Location Code will need to include additional data codes to facilitate the collection of accurate and valid data for three- to five-year-old students in the regular early childhood program.

The added data codes encompass additional early education environments categories for a PPCD child ages 3-5. Please refer to the attached Code Table for a listing of the added codes. A decision making tree has been developed to provide guidance on using the PPCD service location code.
Final PPCD-Service-Location-Code Decision Tree

PPCD Location code explanation

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