Early Childhood E-Learning Course is now Live!

Designed specifically for Early Childhood Educators!

E-Learning: Using the ECO to PreK Alignment Document to write Appropriate IEPs

Workshop ID:  SU1225026    (see flier)

Cost:  $60.00

Course Information :

  • This fully online and interactive e-learning course offers 5 modules of information and 10 CE credits.
  • This course will provide you with the building blocks of developing an IEP. So, regardless of which electronic IEP system you may use, these core principles and ideas will work across software programs, districts, and even the state you may currently work in.


  • Tour the ECO to PreK Guidelines Document
  • Decoding a Full and Independent Evaluation
  • Writing a solid, data-based PLAAFP
  • Writing appropriate goals connected to the general education curriculum

 For more information please contact:

Maryteresa Tracy 512.919.5181



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