Announcing a New Addition to the Accommodations Triangle!

The updated STAAR Accommodations Triangle has one new Type 3 Accommodation: Math Scribe. Students are only eligible for this testing accommodation if they:

  • have visual impairments that necessitate the use of braille or large-print test materials or have a physically disabling condition that prevents them from recording scratch work and computations on their own
  • are unable to effectively use other Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials (OTAPMs) or accommodations
  • and routinely and effectively use this accommodation during classroom instruction.

This accommodation allows a test administrator to record a student’s dictated scratch work and computations when a disabling condition prevents the student from accomplishing this task independently.

For a student who meets the eligibility criteria, this accommodation may be used on

  • STAAR, STAAR L, and STAAR Modified Mathematics and Science (grades 3–8 and EOC)
  • STAAR Spanish Mathematics and Science (grades 3–5)

It is important to note that this accommodation is only for students who are unable to record their own scratch work, not for students who struggle with handwriting, math processes, or visual-spatial organization.

However, students who have temporary physically disabling conditions (ie. a recently broken, dominant, writing hand) may be eligible for this accommodation.

Since this is a Type 3 Accommodation, an Accommodation Request Form (ARF) must be submitted and the term “Type 3” must be recorded in the Accommodations field of the student’s answer document.

For further questions please contact:

Cathy Miller 512-919-5160
JC Sanders 512-919-5420
Matt Holloway 512-919-5396

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