ECI Transition Grant

TEA has created a flowchart for ECI Transition.  Please note the flow chart addresses children who started receiving services from ECI during the time period identified in the first colored row.  It does not address the timeline in which a child was referred to the LEA from ECI. 

The flow chart demonstrates that children who were receiving ECI services 90 days or more prior to their third birthday must have their evaluation complete and IEP implemented by their third birthday, REGARDLESS of when they were referred to the LEA.  The only exception to that is when a delay in parent consent causes a delay.  This is in red on the very bottom of the flow chart.  This information is consistent with the information LEAs have been submitting in TEASE SPP 12 for the past 2 years.

Click  ECI Transition Flowchart to download the chart.

SPP 12 Early Childhood Transition opens in TEASE July 1, 2013.

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