Group Instruction #2: Question Time

This is the second part of our six-part Inclusion Series with Katie Adams, speech-language pathologist at McNeil High School in the Round Rock Independent School District. The purpose of Question Time is to increase independence by answering who, what and where questions. A big thanks to Katie for sharing her work!

1. Use of Power Point – Pictures of students in class engaged in various activities to promote use of questioning

2. Use of Visuals – Real pictures of students used in Power Point, Power Point pictures given to students in the speech packet

3. Use of Sign Language – Visual cues of sign language shown to students to emphasize the difference between who, what and where questions

4. Use of Positive Reinforcement – Students who volunteer receive clapping/praise with participation in lesson

5. Use of Peer Modeling: Students with higher language skills model correct behavior and language used in the task

Prep Time: Power Point is saved, and 1 to 2 new pictures are added each month (10 minutes)

Let’s take a look:

Being able to answer questions is an important life skill. Functionally, students would be able to give personal preferences and choice, give detail to experiences and contribute to conversational interchanges. Let’s think about how we can make some minor changes to Question Time to address different levels of communication. For an oral speaker, he can answer the questions spontaneously, with visual cues or with a verbal model. For a student using Core Vocabulary, item preferences for the question words can be placed accordingly on the student’s communication board or device. Once the student answers a question by pointing to the communication board, a single-message device could be used to orally respond, “That one. That is what he is holding!” Remember, there are various ways for students to respond, and it is our job to develop an individualized communication system for our students to access their world.

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