The Reading Academy is Coming Soon!!!

3 figures each reading a book5 Days of Reading Instruction for $150!!

Our regional data reflects a continuing need to improve reading instruction. This Reading Academy presented by Dr. Marti Dryk is organized in alignment with the 5 components of reading-

  • phonemic awareness,
  • phonics,
  • fluency,
  • vocabulary and
  • comprehension.

During these 5 different, full-day workshops, participants create make-and-take activities suitable for individual tutoring, large and small group instruction, and classroom learning centers.  Hurry!!!  The first day of the spring series will occur on May 6 with additional opportunities to follow.  Participants may sign up for one day or all five.  Lunch and resources will be provided.

Para-Educators Attend FREE!!

Our hard-working para-educators are important to the success of all of our students.  If you are a para-educator and would like to attend one day or all five, please contact Maria Daniel at 512-919-5432 or for a discount  code.  A limited number of discount codes will be allowed- first come, first served.

See the attached flyer for all of the details.

Cathy Miller

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  1. And you don’t have to attend all 5 days if you can’t do 5 days. Just register for the Reading Components you need! It is all in the flyer!

    Check it out!

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