Group Instruction #5: Listen Up

This is the fifth part of our six-part Inclusion Series with Katie Adams, speech-language pathologist at McNeil High School in Round Rock ISD. We have learned about how to address social skills, language comprehension, choice-making and emotional regulation. Check out the lessons:

How are You?
Question Time
Choice Time

Let’s take a look at Listen Up, the fifth component of this hour-long, inclusive class lesson:

What’s the Goal? The purpose of Listen Up is to increase independence when following one, two and three step simple directions.

Are visuals used?
Visuals are used to cue students about the directives being given.

Do they get a chance to practice? Students have a chance to come up to the board to practice their skills. Students at the tables are given the opportunity to check peer’s work.

Is technology involved? Katie uses the Smart Board.  This provides a large, clear visual for students.

Is this functional? We are continually bombarded with directives throughout the day.  Having the capability to follow directions gives a student independence.  With this lesson, you are teaching your students how to be functional, interactive, responsive members of society.

How long is the prep time, really?! Katie creates a one page PowerPoint to use with lesson.  This takes 10 minutes.

Katie is incorporating various language concepts (e.g., prepositions, directional words). She is also giving multiple-step directions. How would you differentiate this lesson to students? Here are ways to scaffold the lesson:

1. Individualize the number of directives. Some students may only do one step. Work at the student’s level. Once mastery is determined, increase the level of demand.
2. Use objects/nouns familiar to the student. Remember, this task involves a) identification of the object and b) comprehension of the directive. Determine which skill you would like to address.
3. Once students are able to follow the 3-step directives, have him/her give the directives.
4. Change wait time between the verbalization of the directive and the execution. For some students, have them wait until all 3 directives are given before execution.

The possibilities are endless. This task can also be generalized to various parts of the school day. Have students practice by listening to directions for cleaning up the room, completing a task/activity or playing a game. Peer interaction is also key for maintenance of a skill. Model and practice this skill with peers. So, it is definitely time to Listen Up!

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