May 2013 Changes to SPP 11 (Child Find) and SPP 12 (EC Transition)

Effective immediately there are 2 changes to the data you will collect for State Performance Plan (SPP) 11 (Child Find) and 12 (Early Childhood Transition). 

In SPP 11 you will need to collect data on the number of children referred and completed between July1, 2012-June 30, 2013 as before.  In this  summer’s data entry you will need to know the “number of students with evaluation report written within 60 calendar days from receipt of signed, written parental consent or district maintained detailed records of reason for delay described in CFR §300.301 (d)”.  You will need to know “number of students with eligibility determined by ARD committee within 30 calendar days from the date of the evaluation report”.  Also collect the data for students not completed in those timelines.  In other words we are collecting data on the 60 and 30 day timelines instead of last year’s 90 day timeline.  This new 60/30 is more in line with what the law requires. 

The other change is that students we count in SPP 12 (Transition) will no longer also be counted in SPP 11 (Child Find).

The TEASE application page has been reorganized to reduce confusion in placement of data.

These changes are in response to feedback from LEAs, ESCs, and OSEP. 

The latest information is posted in our livebinder at  I am working on collection data sheets for each of these 2 indicators to help your staff in collecting the data.  They will look like the TEASE screens and have places for all the data TEASE requires.  They will be available so you can take the data electronically or simply print them for hard copy.  They will be available in Livebinder soon.  Stay tuned!

TEASE opens for data entry on July 1, 2013.

For any questions regarding SPP 11 and 12 please contact

Brenda Bush at Region 13


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