Accommodations Strategies and Resources


We hope you all are having fun, safe, refreshing summers so far. As we talk with teachers around the Region, there is a lot of discussion about graphic organizers as mnemonic accommodations for students with learning disabilities. For certain students, blank graphic organizers may also be allowable accommodations on the statewide assessment. Research into graphic organizers indicates two important points: first, that they work best when information is delivered from big ideas down to details, with an opportunity for students to summarize information at the end. Second, that students get the most benefit when graphic organizers are used strategically. For example, if a science teacher were consistent with one type of G.O. for her lectures, another for investigations, and a third for review, this consistency would allow students to develop greater fluency with the resource.

There are an abundance of free graphic organizers on the internet. Here is one good resource: Free Graphic Organizers.

Also, many Social Studies teachers are interested in using blank maps as an accommodation for certain students. A blank map can be a great way to trigger recall in students. There are also many of these resources online, but here is one fairly comprehensive set: Free Blank Outline Maps.

Our Special Education department at Region 13 has been very busy this month. Between the Inclusion Institute, Hill Country Institute, and Beat the Heat we have seen approximately 1,000 of you in person and another 500 or more virtually! As you make plans for professional development, keep the following options in mind:

SU1323766 Power of Inclusion- 2 Day 7/23/2013
FA1327099 Accommodation Central – Primary 10/9/2013
SP1427164 Accommodation Central – Primary 1/13/2014
SP1427100 Accommodation Central – Secondary 1/13/2014
FA1327163 Accommodation Central – Secondary 10/7/2013
FA1326973 Math for All- AGC grades 3-12 11/12/2013
FA1327107 Accessing the General Curriculum in ELAR 9/23/2013
FA1326408 Accessing the General Curriculum in Science 12/3/2013

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