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Free Workshop Opportunities for September

As a back-to-school welcome, we are offering the following workshops for free in the month of September: Download this FLYER for details! Bilingual Special Education Evaluation Institute IEP Best Practices: FIE to IEP – 2 Day Guided Reading for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities Early Childhood Outcomes & PreK Guidelines Alignment: Accessing the Curriculum Classroom […]

Do your students struggle with basic math facts?

Students with working memory difficulties, math disabilities, and other learning disabilities can really struggle with the memorization of the basic math facts.  Even though there are tools like multiplication charts to provide accommodations for students, this deficiency will continue to hinder their mathematical abilities in later grades and in life. So what can we do? […]

Working with Paraprofessionals Guidance Document

The AGC (Access to the General Curriculum) statewide team, in conjunction with the Texas Education Agency, has published a resource document called “Working with Paraprofessionals: A Resource for Teachers of Students with Disabilities”. This document includes sections on: Roles and Responsibilities General and Special Education Settings Non-Traditional Settings Communication Confidentiality Documentation Professional Development and Instruction […]

Instructional Accommodations to Unclutter the Web

With so much instructional reading material being web-based, teachers may want a way to simplify “cluttered” web pages for students who struggle with interpreting complex visual layouts. One free tool for this, available for iOS, Android, or traditional web browsers, is called Readability. The app has its own browser that will allow a student to […]

Are You Writing Effective IEPs?

IEP Best Practices: FIE to IEP combines the details of a full individual evaluation (FIE) with the knowledge of good instructional practice to write powerful PLAAFP statements which will lead to student-focused goals.  You will leave this 2 day training with tools to support your efforts for well written IEPs aligned to the standards. For […]

Be a School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist

We are all school-based speech-language pathologists, and we have the honor of making such a great impact on our students’ lives. Here are a few (of many) reasons to work in the schools.

Video Message: Don’t Limit Me!

This inspiring video has been making the rounds at Region 13 and we wanted to share it with you. There’s nothing we can say as an introduction that Megan doesn’t say better herself. Watch it and share:  


Help us establish a voice and presence for Special Education at the 2014 SXSWedu conference! Just follow the steps below to vote. Don’t worry, we timed it — the whole process takes less than 2 minutes and is very straightforward! 1. Follow this link to create an account with SXSW: The only information you’ll […]

Spelling Assistance Accommodation Feedback

As we visit with teachers around Region 13 this summer, we notice that many of their students are receiving the Spelling Assistance accommodation for statewide assessments. We would like to share with you some of their experiences. As you know, the primary use of accommodations is during classroom instruction. We have heard several different approaches […]

Intensive Service Delivery Model: Jarrell Elementary School

It is time to garner our excitement and SLP-passion for the 2013-2014 school year. As we prepare our brains to aspire towards the most effective year of speech-language pathology services, I challenge you to think of your current service delivery models. A survey conducted by Brandel and Loeb (2011) reported a majority of school-based speech-language […]

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