Do your students struggle with basic math facts?

Students with working memory difficulties, math disabilities, and other learning disabilities can really struggle with the memorization of the basic math facts.  Even though there are tools like multiplication charts to provide accommodations for students, this deficiency will continue to hinder their mathematical abilities in later grades and in life. So what can we do?

To Drill or Not to Drill? workshop will focus on teaching basic math facts through strategies rather than memorization. Math fact strategies can build a student’s conceptual understanding of numbers and number relationships. The use of strategies also encourages flexible thinking in our students. The strategies taught in this workshop are researched based.

To register visit: Workshop # FA1327345, Sept. 25th 9 am – 4 pm.

Best of all this workshop is FREE and comes along with FREE resources. FACTastic Math Strategy System is a flashcard based system to help teach students the strategies and provide students with effective and efficient practice of the facts. For September only, the workshop and two sets of FACTastic cards (addition/subtraction and multiplicition/division) are completely FREE!

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  1. Click on the link

    Scroll to the bottom and click subscribe. The cards will be available in the ESC Region 13 store very soon! If you join the subscriber list we will send you information as soon as the cards are available. They will be on sale for $49.99 for the first month and then for regular price of $59.99 after that.

    Thank you for your interest! ~JC

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