Guiding Document- Including AT in the IEP (How are YOU documenting AT?)

QIATWhat’s happening out there?  I’ve recently received a lot of questions from all over about how to document AT in the IEP. I wondered about why I was getting this question so frequently this year but hadn’t in previous years?  Well, after a little digging, it looks like some of the ARD/IEP software programs districts are using have updated their pages regarding AT consideration and need.  What’s nice is that they’re using IDEA language related to AT thereby increasing our chances for compliance and clarity.  What’s confusing is that this is different than we’ve been used to. Fortunately, the gurus at QIAT have developed a guidance document on this issue of documenting AT in the IEP to meet IDEA mandates.

Do I think we need to document exactly as the QIAT examples indicate?  No.  But, I do think that this does a nice job of differentiating the types and purposes of AT available.  How is your district documenting AT?  As we move towards the discontinuation of STAAR M in 2014-15 the appropriate selection and implementation of accommodations/AT will be ever the more important as more students will need supports.  Having good documentation about what, when and how supports will be provided will be critical.

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  1. Having difficulty getting the link for the guidance document to work. Is there another way to access this document?

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