2014 STAAR Accommodations – The Three Most Important Changes


As you may know, TEA has released the allowable test accommodations for the 2013-2014 school year. The first thing that you’ll notice is that, while the Accommodations are still presented in a triangle with links to individual documents, that triangle now only has two sections: Type 1 and Type 2. This reorganization is mainly to simplify the presentation. Type 1 Accommodations are local decisions, to be made by the appropriate teams (ARD/504/RTI/other). Type 2 accommodations require an Accommodations Request Form (ARF) submission to TEA.

Below are 3 of the most important changes to the STAAR accommodations. See the entire updated page here: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/accommodations/staar-telpas/

1. Oral/Signed Administration has expanded to include a Standardized Oral Administration option for the following tests:
• grade 4 reading and mathematics
• grade 7 reading and mathematics
• grade 8 science and social studies
The Standardized Oral Administration option is a fully online version of that test with a text-to-speech option built in. The rules regarding this accommodation have not changed, though, so a student would not need this option written specifically into the IEP unless ARD committees decide it is best for that individual student.
Important Caveat: When taking the SOA, the student is exclusively in control of the level of support. Therefore, students whose IEPs indicate that they must have all of a test read to them would only be candidates for this option if those IEPs also say that the student may request an adjusted level of support.

2. Reminders to Stay on Task has been replaced by Individualized Structured Reminders.
Test administrators will now be able to give verbal reminders to any student as a part of the Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials, whether or not that student is using accommodations on the assessment. The accommodation: Individualized Structured Reminders includes but is not limited to:
• paperclips or adhesive notes used to divide test into sections;
• more-frequent or less-frequent reminders of time left to test than required in the standard administration procedures;
• structured reminders that are part of a behavior plan;
• personal timer or clock set to remind a student to move on to the next question, page, or section or to remind a student to stop at preestablished times during the test;
• index cards that have handwritten or color-coded reminders to continue working.

3. Individual/Small Group Administration is no longer listed as an accommodation.
It will be part of the Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials document. Since they are not accommodations, the “OTAPMs” have been moved from the accommodations page to an appendix in the 2014 District and Campus Coordinator Manual. This manual has not been posted online yet but we have been told it will be available in November.

Want more detail on these changes and others? Region 13 will be presenting a 60-minute update webinar on Friday, November 1 from  10:30-11:30. The first 45 minutes will be an update on the information that we have received. The final 15 minutes will be reserved for questions and comments. Register for the webinar here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/290966922 If you are unable to participate at that time, the webinar will be recorded and available here http://www4.esc13.net/agc/webinars/ by Friday end-of-day.

You may view yesterday’s training powerpoint here: 2013-2014 Accommodations for SWD

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