ELA Reading/Writing Blueprints for 2014 STAAR-M Released

Based on the requirements of House Bill 5, the English I and II reading and writing assessments must be combined into a single English I and II assessment and be administered on one day. The attached chart represents the revised blueprint for the STAAR Modified English test redesign to meet the single-test/single-day requirement: STAARM-Eng-revsd-blueprints-2014.

Remember that 2013-2014 will be the final administration of the STAAR Modified assessment.

You can find all of the STAAR Modified blueprints here: http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/special-ed/staarm/blueprints/

Accommodations Decision-Making: Free Online Course

Accommodations Decision-Making:
Selecting, Implementing and Evaluating Instructional and Assessment Accommodations

This five-module course is free and available at https://nceo.umn.edu/alabama/login.php. The course is highly interactive and makes use of short videos, quizzes, audio clips, journals, and case studies to engage the learner. Users will need to provide name and email address to create an account. Content includes:

  • Thinking About Student Characteristics
  • Linking Student Needs to Accommodations Decisions
  • Instructional Accommodations
  • Assessment Accommodations
  • Monitoring and Evaluating

The course was jointly developed by NCEO (National Center on Educational Outcomes) and the Alabama Department of Education. Course content is not state-specific and describes decision-making and implementation processes that are valuable to all teachers of students with disabilities.