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Accommodations Student Scenarios Published

TEA uses student scenarios to illustrate various eligibility criteria for the STAAR assessment Accommodations. Previously these scenarios were published as a part of the individual accommodations descriptions. They were removed from those PDFs and are now available as a separate package of information here: 2014 Accommodation Policy-Student Scenarios_PDF-1.Remember that these are only the assessment accommodations […]

Why Do They Do That? Coping With a New Generation of Early Childhood Behaviors

Do you have “that kid” in your classroom?  Have you tried everything in your behavior toolbox, but still feel like you’re getting nowhere?  Strong classroom systems and good relationships are some of the tools that help the majority of students to be successful in school.  However, some students need more specialized tactics.  In this workshop […]

2014 STAAR Supplemental Aids Update – webinar

TEA has released an updated version of the Supplemental Aids guidance document, which you may access here Acc-Allowable-Supp-Aids_kb_ppt or here: Region 13 will be hosting a free webinar on December 5 at 11:30 to go over these updates and introduce suggestions for classroom implementation. Register for that webinar here: . As always, the […]

Inclusion Support for Science Teachers

Students who receive special education services are very commonly included in general education Science classes. This population of students needs Specially Designed Instruction that serves their unique educational needs. Remember that teachers who work primarily outside of special education need to have professional development towards special education if they are working with those students (Texas […]

Recorded SOA Webinar Now Available

Educators who are looking for information about the Standardized Oral Administration accommodation (a new, computer-based version of the Oral Administration accommodation), need look no further than the Region 13 AGC webinars page:  Also, districts have been asking about documenting this accommodation. The webinar spells this out in greater detail, but essentially a student must […]

Tana’s Story

Every year since Kindergarten, Tana Vogele has been included in general education classrooms despite her significant physical and intellectual disabilities. Watch this compelling video about the friendships that have been nurtured during her 4th grade year and what inclusion does to a classroom and school community.   See more at:

Accommodations Webinar: Gearing Up for the SOA

As you know, this year’s STAAR Accommodations include a new option for Oral Administration called the Standardized Oral Administration. This computer-based, online option is available for • grade 4 reading and mathematics • grade 7 reading and mathematics • grade 8 science and social studies Region 13 is putting on a webinar to review: description […]

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