Recorded SOA Webinar Now Available

Educators who are looking for information about the Standardized Oral Administration accommodation (a new, computer-based version of the Oral Administration accommodation), need look no further than the Region 13 AGC webinars page: 

Also, districts have been asking about documenting this accommodation. The webinar spells this out in greater detail, but essentially a student must have the following in the IEP/504 plan to be eligible for this accommodation:

•Accommodation: Oral Administration
•Level of Support: Read part at student request


•Accommodation: Oral Administration
•Level of Support: Read all
      –With the student option to change level of support
•Since SOA has a change option built in, student’s IEP or 504 paperwork must include the “change option “ if that student has the “Read All” level of support.
•If student has “Read parts” as level of support, then IEP/504 does not need to include the “change option”.
•Final Point (Important): Although you do not need to directly reference SOA in IEP/504 paperwork, it is strongly advised that this option be discussed with parents and other members of ARD/504 teams in advance of test day.



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