Allowable Test Administration Procedures and Materials (New Location)

As you may know, TEA has moved the Allowable Test Administration Procedures and Materials (formerly known as the “optionals” or OTAPMs) to the District and Campus Coordinator Manual. That manual has been published online and is available here: Information on the ATAPMs begins on page O-11.

The relevant language is:

These test administration procedures and materials are not considered testing accommodations, so using them during a state assessment does not require that they be recorded on students’ answer documents. A list of allowable procedures and materials is provided below. For information regarding individualized accommodations, refer to the Accommodations Triangle located on the Accommodations for Students with Disabilities webpage.

  • Signing test administration directions for a student who is deaf or hard of hearing
  • Translating test administration directions into the native language of an English language learner
  • Allowing a student to read the test aloud to facilitate comprehension
  • Reading aloud or signing the personal narrative, expository, literary, or persuasive writing prompt to any student who requests this assistance
  • Providing reading assistance on the grade 3 mathematics test for any student
  • Making the following assistive tools available:
  • scratch paper
  • color overlays
  • blank place markers
  • magnifying devices
  • highlighters, colored pencils, or crayons
  • Giving permission for a student to use tools to minimize distractions or to help maintain focus (e.g., stress ball, noise-reducing headphones, or instrumental music [no lyrics] played through an individual student’s headphones or ear buds)
  • Allowing individual and small-group administrations
  • Reminding students to stay on task

For more information on accommodations for instruction and assessment:

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