SOA Q&A Webinar from 10:00-10:30 today

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Just a reminder that our SOA Q&A webinar will start at 10:00 today.

Students who are eligible for Oral Administration of the STAAR test may also be eligible for a computer-based version of this accommodation. Many districts have asked questions about the logistics and implementation of this option so Region 13 will be hosting a free webinar on Friday, Jan. 31 from 10:00-10:30 to address questions specifically from campus and district administrators.

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If you need help signing in, call the Region 13 front desk 512-919-5456 or Maria Daniel at 512-919-5432

STAAR-Modified ARD Committee Information

This morning, TEA gave a very brief presentation on the transition away from STAAR-Modified. Below are some key points:

  • The participation requirements for STAAR-Alternate will not change. If students did not meet these requirements in past years they will not meet them in the current.
  • TEA staff has been working on plans for possible additional accommodations via an online delivery system, similar in functionality to STAAR L. We should not expect to receive details on these until late 2014.
  • It is important to thoroughly document classroom accommodations and modifications in the IEP. If students are receiving classroom accommodations/modifications like simplified vocabulary, lowered reading level, definitions of words, embedded formula tables, preview text and pictures, simplified graphics, and the like — it is important to capture this information in the IEP with as much specificity as possible.
  • Reduced answer choices and passing standards will be going away along with the STAAR-Modified assessment but remember that the state assessment does not dictate the kinds of instruction and services that students receive.
  • Continue to document carefully all classroom accommodations and modifications in the IEP so that all of the hard work that you do with your students can be of maximum possible benefit on the state assessment.

View the TEA powerpoint here:Modified Transition Update_TETN 31593_01-30-14 JP
For reference, you may be interested in viewing the STAAR-L linguistic accommodations student tutorial:

Matt Holloway
Region 13 ESC

Do your students struggle with memorizing the basic math facts?

Come to our To Drill or Not to Drill workshop on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 and receive your Factastic Math Strategy Cards!

To Drill or Not to Drill workshop provides strategy instruction for teaching basic math facts.

Research shows that instruction of strategies for basic facts increases students’ likelihood of mastery and retention. Many students develop their own strategies, however these strategies can be ineffective and inefficient.

New Math TEKS being implemented in 2014-2015 school year states 2nd graders will recall basic facts to add and subtract within 20 with automaticity and 3rd graders will recall facts to multiply to ten by ten with automaticity and recall the corresponding division facts.

New Math TEKS also include composing and decomposing numbers and the use of mathematical properties and strategies in solving problems.

Teaching of strategies to recall basic facts builds flexible thinking in a student. Students with flexible thinking are able to see a number in several forms and use the knowledge and skills they already possess to find a solution for an unknown fact.

In this workshop participants will learn effective and efficient strategies for students to use to solve unknown basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.

Full day workshop will include morning session for addition/subtraction and afternoon session for multiplication/division strategies.

Every participant will receive one set of Factastic Math Strategy Cards Addition & Subtraction Edition and Multiplication & Division Edition.

To register visit and search for To Drill or Not to Drill or workshop # SP1428512
Registration closes on February 21, 2014 at 5:00 pm so that materials can be ordered.

Tech-based accommodations on STAAR are a reality…now

Students who are eligible for Oral Administration of the STAAR test may also be eligible for a computer-based version of this accommodation. Many districts have asked questions about the logistics and implementation of this option so Region 13 will be hosting a free webinar on Friday, Jan. 31 from 10:00-10:30 to address questions specifically from campus and district administrators.

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Here is a link to the TEA page with SOA information:

If you have questions you would like addressed beforehand, please email them to

Power of Inclusion: Administrative Overview

The video below highlights one Round Rock principal’s unique approach to inclusion scheduling:

With increased accountability measures, the elimination of STAAR-M, and the constant need for efficient and effective deployment of special education staff, campus and district administrators may be interested in advanced inclusion training.

Region 13 is offering a 1/2 day administrative overview of our Power of Inclusion workshop on July 21 (SU1428384). This 3-hour workshop is specially designed for campus and district-level administrators supporting teachers and students in an inclusion model. Topics covered will include:

  • LRE data
  • Co-Teaching observation
  • Specially Designed Instruction
  • Scheduling Tools

Appropriate administrative support is essential to the success of an inclusion program. Attendance at this fast-paced, half-day workshop will give you the tools you need to support your teachers and students.

Another convenient option for administrators is to access and view our free online webinar: No More Square Pegs in Round Holes: Master Scheduling for Inclusion (SP1327536).

And finally, Region 13 education specialists are available, on a limited basis, to work directly with campus and district administrators on master scheduling and inclusion support. For more information, contact Cathy Miller ( or Matt Holloway (


Training Opportunity for Early Childhood- Make and Take!

Only one Week left to register!

Date: 1/24/2014

Independent Work Stations and Tray Tasking (Make it and Take it!) (SP1427191)

Reduced Fee: $40*

 Workstations can be used in any classroom, with many students including PPCD, PreK, and  students with significant cognitive disabilities. They provide a place to increase independence within the classroom environment, by giving structure to practice and routine. Workstations are easy to make, can be individualized for students to reinforce Individualized Educational Program (IEP) objectives,avoid down time and help to keep a classroom running smoothly.

Participants will receive a resource book  as well as instructional materials to be used during the make and take portion of the class. Teachers will leave ready to return to school and implement what they have learned.

* discounts available for LRE districts

To receive the discount code, please contact Maria Daniel at:

Grading questions

The Access to General Curriculum statewide team and TEA are working together to create a Grading Guidance Document for  students in special education. The committee for developing this document is holding a statewide stakeholders meeting at the end of this month. Region 13 will be sending a representative to this stakeholders meeting to represent the teachers in this region. If you have questions, comments, or concerns you would like the committee to consider when developing a grading guidance document, please submit your questions or comments to us using the Google form link below. The deadline to submit input is January 27th, 2014.

Thank you for taking time to have your voice heard. Look for the Grading Guidance Document release hopefully in Fall 2014.

Quick Check – Standardized Oral Administration

Based on feedback from last week’s directors’ network meeting, campuses may need further assistance in preparing for the Standardized Oral Administration option of the STAAR test. Here is a one-page resource sheet that may prove useful (SOA One-Sheet) and the first link below is to a webinar walking participants through the student tutorial (it is the second item from the top).

How else can Region 13 help in getting this information communicated out to districts and individual campuses?

While only six tests have this option for 2014, we have been told that the intention is to continue to expand the availability of this option in future school years, especially with the elimination of the Modified assessment.

Webinar Link:

TEA Student Tutorial Link:

Accommodations Central Livebinder Link: