STAAR-Modified ARD Committee Information

This morning, TEA gave a very brief presentation on the transition away from STAAR-Modified. Below are some key points:

  • The participation requirements for STAAR-Alternate will not change. If students did not meet these requirements in past years they will not meet them in the current.
  • TEA staff has been working on plans for possible additional accommodations via an online delivery system, similar in functionality to STAAR L. We should not expect to receive details on these until late 2014.
  • It is important to thoroughly document classroom accommodations and modifications in the IEP. If students are receiving classroom accommodations/modifications like simplified vocabulary, lowered reading level, definitions of words, embedded formula tables, preview text and pictures, simplified graphics, and the like — it is important to capture this information in the IEP with as much specificity as possible.
  • Reduced answer choices and passing standards will be going away along with the STAAR-Modified assessment but remember that the state assessment does not dictate the kinds of instruction and services that students receive.
  • Continue to document carefully all classroom accommodations and modifications in the IEP so that all of the hard work that you do with your students can be of maximum possible benefit on the state assessment.

View the TEA powerpoint here:Modified Transition Update_TETN 31593_01-30-14 JP
For reference, you may be interested in viewing the STAAR-L linguistic accommodations student tutorial:

Matt Holloway
Region 13 ESC

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