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Testimonials from SOA Pilot Programs

As you may know, a number of campuses participated in a pilot program for the online Standardized Oral Administration accommodation option last year. This pilot program allowed TEA to evaluate the effectiveness of the SOA option for the STAAR test with a smaller group of schools before making it available statewide. The following feedback is […]

Report: The State of Learning Disabilities

Educators may be interested in the recent report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities: 2014 State of Learning Disabilities. The report highlights trends and information about Learning Disabilities from a national perspective.  

Register Now for IEP Best Practice: FIE to IEP

The purpose of an IEP is to improve the educational results for children with disabilities. There are many aspects to writing a full Individualized Education Plan (IEP). This document, when well written, can be an asset to the students they are designed for as well as their teachers.  It takes a multidisciplinary team to create […]

Math for All – AGC in Math

        STAAR – Modified is going away. What does that mean for my students in math next year? In this workshop you will learn how to accommodate and modify instruction in the math classroom. Develop a plan for preparing all your students for higher expectations. Hands-on experiences will be provided to show […]

Inclusion Support in Social Studies – Rescheduled

What is this picture and how can I use visuals like these to enhance my instruction?  Due to the ice day, Accessing the General Curriculum in Social Studies: Inclusion in the Age of STAAR has a new date, Monday, February 24, 2014. In this workshop: Participants will receive a copy of “Social Studies Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites” […]

Summer Conferences – Save the Dates!

Every Child Matters. Learn more about the ESC Region 13 special education summer conferences Region 13 is excited to host another summer filled with professional development opportunities for educators in the field of special education. Sign up below to stay current on the information about Region 13’s Special Education Conferences this summer!  

Research on Computer Based Accommodations

Special educators may be interested in this study of student attitudes towards computer-based oral administration of tests: Pages 10 and 11 contain some very interesting findings. Some highlights: 75.1% of students with disabilities agreed or strongly agreed with the statement: “I found it easier to think on the computer test than a paper and […]

Autism Needs Assessment

In order to plan for training and technical assistance for individuals working with students with autism, the Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism Training has a needs assessments to gather input from all school districts and charter schools across the state.  This survey is short and does not require any personal information from you. We would […]

What is Universal Design for Learning?

  You may have heard the term “Universal Design for Learning” and wanted to know more about it. UDL is an approach that draws inspiration from architectural principles that call for buildings to be made accessible to people of various needs. The idea behind Universal Design for Learning is that students learn best when they […]

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