Testimonials from SOA Pilot Programs

As you may know, a number of campuses participated in a pilot program for the online Standardized Oral Administration accommodation option last year. This pilot program allowed TEA to evaluate the effectiveness of the SOA option for the STAAR test with a smaller group of schools before making it available statewide. The following feedback is from teachers, students, and test coordinators who participated in the pilot program:

From Teachers:

They really liked taking it on the computer. They liked being able to go at their own pace.

The kids don’t like one teacher reading to a whole group. They don’t like having to stand out by asking you to go slower or to repeat a question.

If they wanted something re-read, they didn’t have to call somebody over. The biggest thing was being able to rewind and hear at their own pace.

Whenever they have the option, the kids always say they want it read on the computer.

This generation is so technology-based, they just feel more comfortable being on the computer. And anything we can do to alleviate their stress is a good thing.

From Students:

I liked being able to go at my own pace.

I liked it better because some teachers are better at reading tests out loud than others.

You can speed it up if you already know what something says.

Definitely liked this better than having a teacher read.

From District Testing Personnel:

I had campuses that were scared to do the pilot program since it was a live test and they had never done it before. But the interface has been live for several years with STAAR-L and even longer with TELPAS, so there shouldn’t be an issue with functionality.

For the kids that they used it with, it was fantastic. Worked great. The kids seemed to like it and there were no issues.

They spent some time with the students on the practice site – which is how they determined if it was an appropriate mode for each student.

For students who have a reading disability, and maybe even attention issues or trouble focusing, I got a lot of positive feedback about increased levels of engagement because of the online delivery method.

For more information on the accommodation, visit http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/soa/

For an in-depth look at these options, share the SOA webinars on the Region 13 webinars page: http://www4.esc13.net/agc/webinars/

For specific assistance on planning and implementing the SOA student tutorial, contact the Region 13 Access to the General Curriculum team:



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