Does He Really Need an FM? – Part IV

Yes! He really does need an FM!  Now what?  Before purchasing that FM system, you may want to complete a trial with the student.  ESC Region 13’s Assistive Technology Preview Center is here to help.  Our motto is “Try before you buy”.  We have a limited number of FM systems available for short term loan (6 weeks). These are checked out under our Assistive Listening Devices Loan Process.

  1. As these systems are not appropriate to every student, we follow a particular process to evaluate the appropriateness of the loan of this equipment.
  2. Please follow our process and submit the correct documentation. Here’s a link to information on our loan process:
  3. As a part of the process, the requestor must complete the Special Education Director’s Approval form.  Here’s a link to that document:
  4. These systems are checked out through our Assistive Technology Preview Center (ATPC)/Library at ESC Region 13.  The requestor must have a patron account for the library.  They are free and easy to set up.  Here’s the link for our patron application:
  5. Our Assistive Listening Devices must be picked up from and returned to ESC Region 13.  We do not ship these items. Robin Reimund from the Assistive Technology Preview center will contact the requestor to arrange for checkout.

Questions? Contact: