Technology Tips for Oral Administration

Special Education teachers spend a lot of their time reading tests and quizzes out loud to students, not to mention regular classroom lessons and assignments. For some students, this is an unavoidable part of their instructional plan. But we think that, for many students, technology tools can provide an equally good, if not better, approach to this accommodation. And the less time teachers spend in the “reader-role”, the more time they can spend doing what they do best — teaching students.

In the video below, Kim and Nichole explore two approaches to using technology for Oral Administration: using text-to-speech tools and letting teachers record themselves. Beneath the video you will find an array of resources for planning the implementation of this approach. These tools might be more than enough to set you on your way, but if you have questions or would like to talk through your campus’s unique needs, please don’t hesitate to contact: Region 13 Assistive Technology Specialist Region 13 Access to the General Curriculum Specialist


Tech Tips for OA (Quick Reference)
Accurate Accommodations
Accommodation Effectiveness Form

Basic Computer Skills Assessment

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  1. jcsanders says:

    If only they would high five after their talk.

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  3. […] text  (OA allowed) for reading passages- See WordTalk a free Windows text-to-speech plugin for […]

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