Accessibility of Learning Materials for ALL Students a Must: SETDA Policy Brief

This Thursday, June 5 at 1pm, SETDA will host a webinar for the public release of the policy brief, The Accessibility of Learning Content for All Students, Including Students with Disabilities, Must be Addressed in the Shift to Digital Instructional Materials. The webinar will explore important considerations and strategies regarding the accessibility of digital content for all students, including students with disabilities. Presenters will discuss open educational resources, the Universal Design for Learning Framework, and federal law requirements regarding accessibility of instructional materials. The session will provide recommendations for effectively managing the increased use of digital content to enhance the educational experiences of all students. There will an opportunity for state and district leaders to ask questions and share examples of their own approaches to ensuring accessibility in digital content. This webinar is free and open to all interested parties.
Audience:  IT, Textbook and Curriculum Coordinators, AT, etc.
• Geoff Fletcher, Deputy Executive Director, SETDA
 • Chuck Hitchcock, Chief Officer, Policy and Technology & Director, National AIM Center, CAST
 • Reg Leichty, Partner, EducationCounsel LLC
 • Kate Lipper, Policy and Legal Advisor, EducationCounsel LLC

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