New STAAR A Assessment

Texas educators will be interested in TEA’s new assessment for some students with disabilities: STAAR A. There are a number of important details yet to be determined, including eligibility criteria, access features for students with sensory and motor impairments, and time limits. It is a computer-based assessment that will have “embedded” accommodations. In the demonstration version, those included:

  • Simplified language of some test questions
  • Simplified versions of individual words
  • Picture support for some individual words
  • Preview text  (OA allowed) for reading passages
  • Math and Science formula support
  • Clarification of charts and graphs
  • Computer-based oral administration
  • and a host of other tools like highlighters, rulers, graph paper, contrast options, colored backgrounds, and more.

The TETN PowerPoint is below; be aware that the demonstration version of the test is not in the PowerPoint. However, the basic technology of the STAAR A accommodations is similar to that found in the STAAR L online accommodation, of which you can see the student tutorials here:

PowerPoint: June 2015 SpEd Assessment Updates

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