Do you have students who did not pass their 5th or 8th grade STAAR Math assessment?

Do you have students who did not pass their 5th or 8th grade STAAR Math assessment and will be attending summer school? What researched-based interventions will you be employing with these students to help fill in the gaps in their mathematical understanding while at the same time challenging them to reach new levels?

In the IES Practice Guide, Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics: Response to Intervention (RtI) for Elementary and Middle Schools recommendation number six states, “Intervention at all grade levels should devote about 10 minutes in each session to building fluent retrieval of basic arithmetic facts” (April 2009). So how do we address this important component of math intervention? The answer is through strategy-based instruction for basic math facts.

Teaching strategies to recall basic facts builds flexible thinking in students. Students with flexible thinking are able to see a number in several forms and use the knowledge and skills they already possess to find a solution. Strategies encourage a deeper understanding of numbers and their relationships.

Factastic Math Strategy System is designed to help students who struggle with mathematics build fact fluency. The system follows the model of explicit and systematic instruction to help students master the basic math facts.






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