Inclusion Institute Info: Sessions and Virtual Options

Here is a sneak preview of the breakout sessions for day two of this summer’s Inclusion Institute (Aug. 5 and 6):

  • Progress Monitoring for Secondary Students: Making It Work
  • The Concrete Model of Good Math Instruction
  • Small Group Instruction Made Easy
  • Scaffolding Instruction for STAAR A
  • Perfect PLAAFP Statements Lead to Purposeful Plans
  • I’ve Got 99 Problems. Communication Ain’t One.
  • The Steps to Writing Great Sentences
  • Disproportionality Through a Cultural Lens
  • Connecting the Dots of Collaboration: Making Inclusion Work
  • Including Students With Sensory Impairments: It’s Just Best Practice
  • Struggling Students? “Techniques and Tools to the Rescue!
  • Think College! Inclusive Opportunities in Higher Education
  • Brain-Based Strategies for Social Studies and Science

Register for the face-to-face conference here: If you are interested in staying together as a team and getting some time to talk about the sessions that you see, consider hosting a watch party on your campus. In the video below, Alejandro Gongora, of Manor ISD, describes the Virtual Conference that he hosted last year.

Register for the Inclusion Institute on E-Campus:
Face-to-Face: SU1427634
Virtual: SU1428827

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