FREE Technology Tools that Align with STAAR A’s Computerized Supports

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Texas educators will be interested in TEA’s new assessment for some students with disabilities: STAAR A, which is a computer-based assessment that will have “embedded” accommodations. In the demonstration version, those included:


  • Simplified language of some test questions– See Rewordify  a free website  that simplifies English, teaches vocabulary + other features
  • Simplified versions of individual wordsSee Rewordify (nice video overview)
  • Picture support for some individual words- See Read & Write for Google is a free web app that has a toolbar full of learning tools such as a talking picture dictionary, text-to-speech, word prediction, highlighters, etc
  • Preview text  (OA allowed) for reading passagesSee WordTalk a free Windows text-to-speech plugin for MSWord
  • Math and Science formula support
  • Clarification of charts and graphs
  • Computer-based oral administrationSee WordTalk a free Windows text-to-speech plugin for MSWord
  • and a host of other tools like highlighters, rulers, graph paper, contrast options, colored backgrounds, and more.  See Read & Write for Google

Please have IT departments consider reimaging the network to include these plugins/extensions, and to bookmark them so that any and all students can easily find and use the tools that help them learn.  Feel free to contact me for any additional information or questions: or 512-919-5246.

For additional tools and ideas please click here:  Technology Tips for Struggling Readers and Writers


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