Closing the Gap with Specially Designed Instruction

Region 13 has partnered with San Marcos CISD to share their unique approach to instructional design for students with disabilities. By using multiple data sources and the TEKS vertical alignment documents, the district has defined what a modified curriculum means to them and implements it through the  “Gap Plans” described in the course. This course is free and available online through the E-Campus system.

This E-Learning Course will help educators develop instructional plans that focus on closing the gap for students with special education eligibilities.

Class Notes:

This course is divided into three modules. After completing these modules, you will be able to create a Gap Plan to help address the gaps in your students’ curriculum knowledge. Each module has a learning objective:

1. Identify the appropriate data sources for placing students’ present levels of academic functioning within the TEKS.

2. Use the vertical alignment document to create an individualized gap plan to help address your student’s curriculum needs.

3. Access resources to enable you to deliver specially designed instruction to address those needs.

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