STAAR Standardized Oral Administration will be expanded for 2015 testing

From TEA:

Standardized oral administration (SOA) for the STAAR program, an online option for oral administration, will be expanded in the 2014–2015 school year to include grade 5 science and grade 6 reading and mathematics assessments. Districts will be able to test students using SOA for STAAR in the following grades and subjects:


  • grade 4 reading and mathematics
  • grade 5 science
  • grade 6 reading and mathematics
  • grade 7 reading and mathematics
  • grade 8 science and social studies


Information about SOA is available on the Student Assessment website at This information includes the student tutorial for SOA as well as some released STAAR test forms.

Help from Region 13:

Do you have additional questions about the SOA program?

Not sure which students would be eligible for SOA? Try our SOA flow chart – Determining Eligibility for SOA Flow Chart

Wondering how else to include standardize oral administration in your daily classroom? Check out our tech tips for oral administration – Tech Tips for OA

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