PLAAFPs, Goals, and Accommodations, oh my!

Are you looking for information and support to help you write powerful PLAAFPs and purposeful goals? 

There are many aspects to writing a full Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  This training will focus on writing powerful PLAAFP statements which will lead to student-focused goals.  Participants will leave with easy to use tools to support their efforts for well written IEPs.  This intensive instruction will allow time for participant practice.  This training is for ANY special education teacher (PPCD to High School) who writes IEPs, from those who serve students with low incidence disabilities to those who serve students who are mainstreamed.

Join us for IEP Best Practices: PLAAFP and Goal Writing on 12/2/2014 from 9:00 to 4:00.

Use the following course number to register in eCampus: FA1429517. 


Are you looking for ways to incorporate the new STAAR A accommodations into your classroom instruction?

Accommodations Central will provide tools for individualization, differentiation, accommodation, and modification for students with disabilities.  The day will include an overview of the new STAAR A accommodations with practical strategies for how to incorporate these accommodations in the instructional setting. Participants will receive tools for choosing appropriate accommodations and monitoring the effectiveness of chosen accommodations.

Join us for Accommodations Central on 12/8/14 from 9:00 to 4:00.

Use the following course number to register in eCampus: FA1429411


Teaching Literacy to Students With Significant Cognitive Delays- Free, Online Course

Do you struggle to provide meaningful reading and writing instruction to your students with significant cognitive delays?  The Low Incidence Statewide Network of Texas has published a free, online course entitled “Teaching Literacy to Students with Significant Cognitive Delays.”    Join this engaging online session, and discover  evidence-based strategies that will address ways in which all students can become more literate.

To register, visit and enter workshop ID# FA1430887.  Should you need technical assistance and support to put these practices into action, please let us know!