STAAR Alternate 2 Testing Window Revision

The ESCs and District Testing Coordinators have received information on a calendar revision for STAAR Alternate 2 from the Student Assessment Division of TEA:

The 2015 STAAR Alternate 2 administration window was originally planned for two weeks in an effort to minimize the amount of time taken from instruction. The length of the administration window reflected the data collected following the pilot test conducted in January 2014. While districts have not had experience with the new test design beyond the pilot test, some have expressed concern that it may be difficult to complete the administration in the time allowed. Therefore, the window for the administration of the 2015 STAAR Alternate 2 has been extended to three weeks for the 2014-2015 school year. Districts will be able to administer the test and enter student responses beginning February 9 through 27, 2015. March 2 and 3 will be reserved for data verification with the system closing at 5pm (CST) on March 3, 2015.

Additionally, the policy regarding the 10-day preview period that allows test administrators to access the secure testing materials prior to the administration window for the purpose of applying accommodations required by the individual student has been changed. Test administrators may be allowed access to secure testing materials for purposes of applying accommodations upon the arrival of the secure test materials in the district. Note that secure materials are due to be shipped from Pearson on January 19, 2014.

Note from Region 13:  The above paragraph means that test administrators/assistants are no longer limited to 10 days for preview.  As soon as test materials arrive AND test administrators/assistants are trained and have signed their oath, they may begin to preview materials and may continue throughout the test window. Further, in a TETN on December 8, TEA stated  “Accommodations should be prepared during the preview period but may also be prepared during the testing window.”

If you have questions about STAAR Alternate 2, please contact TEA’s Student Assessment Division – STAAR Alternate at or 512-463-9536 or Ann Jacobson at Region 13 at or 512.919.5167.



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