New Grading & Progress Monitoring Resource

The Statewide Access to the General Curriculum Network and Texas Education Agency have released Grading and Progress Monitoring for Students with Disabilities- A Resource for Teachers. This resource will provide educators and schools with effective grading and reporting guidance. In addition, it identifies how to make grading systems accurate and meaningful while supporting students in special education.

The resource can be found at Region 20, the statewide leadership for Access to the General Curriculum at Check it out!

To Drill or Not to Drill Math Facts?

math students at the board

Are your students struggling with mastery of basic math facts? Not sure what else to try to help students master their math facts? Can all students master the basic math facts?

If you have these questions, this workshop has the answers.

Come to To Drill or Not to Drill to learn about strategy-based instruction for teaching the basic math facts. This workshop is great for any teacher working with any student in math. These strategies are good core instruction for grades 1st through 4th grade and great intervention instruction for grades 5th through high school.

Next workshop happening March 10th at 9:00 am at ESC Region 13 Service Center.

To register visit and search for To Drill or Not to Drill.

Using MS Word to Simulate STAAR A- Extra Practice and Prep for Students

If your eligible students have already practiced and practiced with the STAAR A Student Tutorials, yet you’d still like them to continue to receive and use similar digital accommodations during instruction or for end of unit tests, then this resource may be of help-  How to use Built-In Features of MS Word to Simulate STAAR A: Extra Practice and Preparation for Students

In actuality, this resource could help other students, ANY student, but realize that there is particular anxiety around preparation for STAAR A currently.

Please contact me if you have questions or need assistance. / 512.919.5246



Power of Inclusion workshop!


Is your school looking for guidance for creating an inclusive climate in which the needs of all educators and students are being met?

Power of Inclusion workshop has a few more seats open. Register today!

Including students with disabilities in the general education classroom is both a challenge and an opportunity. Educators need to effectively collaborate to meet the diverse needs of students to lead to academic success. It is vital that general and special educators develop a relationship that leads to a caring, structured and engaging environment with mutual respect and student growth. This 1-day training teaches the different approaches and models for the inclusive classroom while nurturing the relationship between special and general education. Participants leave with ideas to plan for and with 2 while implementing 6 different approaches to meet diverse student needs.

Workshop: February 18, 2015

Time: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Price: $45.00

Register through Ecampus

Making Good Use of Audio/Text-to-Speech In The Classroom

Bill Keeney of the Delaware Valley Friends School joined Learning Ally on 12/9 for a webinar focusing on strategies for teachers to use audio in the classroom. Keeney discussed why audio is the killer app for his students and how he ensures it becomes a powerful tool for reading.

“Teaching with audio is just good teaching,” explained Keeney. “Audio is a supplement, not a substitute.” He described why audio is important and how educators can introduce it in the classroom to empower students to use it habitually.

During this free webinar, Keeney discussed:

  • Myths and truths about using audio in the classroom
  • Which students will benefit the most from audio
  • Strategies to ensure students become avid audio users
  • Tips for instructing students to use audio affectively

Click here to view the webinar and download the handout- 

Should you have questions or need additional support, feel free to contact me.