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STAAR A Administration Information


District personnel should familiarize themselves with online testing policies and procedures in the test administration manuals, as well as technology information at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/techinfo.


Students taking grades 3-5, grades 6-8, or end-of-course (EOC) STAAR A assessments can access STAAR A student tutorials to practice using the available features at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/STAARA-tutorials.

Stand-alone practice sets for gridding answers, typing written responses, and using online calculators are available to students at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/STAARA.


Evaluate Online Testing Infrastructure
District and campus testing coordinators should work with technology staff to ensure that infrastructure is in place for online testing with STAAR A. Information about setting up and conducting online administrations and navigating TestNav can be found in the TestNav 7 Combined Technical Guide and TestNav and Proctor Caching Quick Start available at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/techinfo. For more information about preparing for online testing, refer to the Infrastructure Readiness for Online Testing email at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/communications.

Build STAAR A Test Sessions
Districts should ensure that STAAR A online test sessions are created in the Texas Assessment Management System, delivered through PearsonAccess. Refer to the Creating a New Test Session section of the Users Guide for the Texas Assessment Management System at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/guide for information about setting up STAAR A test sessions.

After selecting the test from the Test to be Administered drop-down menu, carefully make selections from the remaining lists of options determined by the accommodations available to the student. Details for selecting the Read Aloud by Test Examiner option are described below.

Select No if the student will take the STAAR A assessment online or with a TEA-approved paper administration. Then select either STAAR A Online or STAAR A Transcribe Paper from the Default Form Group Type drop-down menu.

Select Yes ONLY if the student will receive a signed administration or lip reading of the STAAR A assessment then select Proctor STAAR A from the Default Form Group Type drop-down menu.


STAAR A Grades 4 and 7 Two-Day Writing Online Seal Codes
STAAR A grades 4 and 7 writing are two-day assessments. The original student authorization must be used on both days to access the test. When students are finished with their tests on Day 1, select the Exit button and then select the I want to exit this test and finish later option. The Day 2 section of the online assessment can only be accessed by logging in with the student authorization from the previous day and then entering a seal code into TestNav. The seal code is listed on the Seal Codes PDF available under the Authorizations drop-down menu on the Session Details screen for each online session. For more information about student authorizations and online seal codes, refer to the Viewing and Printing Authorizations and Seal Codes sections of the Users Guide for the Texas Assessment Management System at http://www.TexasAssessment.com/guide.

Transcription of Student Responses to STAAR A Written Compositions
For the 2015 administration, students taking the STAAR A grade 4 writing assessment may have their responses to the written composition typed exactly as written by the student, including mistakes, into the TestNav response boxes by a test administrator, if needed. Test administrators should be trained on the guidelines for transcribing student responses found in the Special Instructions/Considerations section of the Basic Transcribing accommodation policy. This policy can be found on TEAs Accommodations Resources webpage at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/student.assessment/accommodations.

Students taking the STAAR A grade 7 writing, English I, or English II assessments must type their own responses into TestNav unless they are eligible for the Basic Transcribing accommodation. Eligibility for this accommodation must be documented in the appropriate paperwork (e.g., IEP, IAP).

For questions about the administration of STAAR A assessments, call Education Service Center Region 13 at 512-919-5420 or TEAs Student Assessment Division at 512-463-9536. For questions about the Assessment Management System, call Pearsons Austin Operations Center at 800-627-0225.

Transition Fair at Region 13

Region 13 will be hosting a Transition Fair to connect students and families with information about the services and supports available for adults with disabilities. This event is free and open to the public. Spanish and ASL interpreters will be available. For more information, contact Elizabeth Danner at elizabeth.danner@esc13.txed.net

Date: Saturday, April 18, 2015

Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Location: 5701 Springdale Rd, Austin, TX, 78723

Flyers available in English and Spanish