Required Residential Facility Tracker Data Entry

Yes it is that time of year again.

For LEAs with residential care and treatment facilities within their boundaries or jurisdiction, in which students with disabilities have resided during the 2014-2015 school year, the due date for the completion of the RF Tracker data collection is June 5, 2015.  When entering your data the end of the year “as of” date is May 15, 2015. Districts will continue to enter enrollment of students with disabilities who reside in RFs until the May 15th  date. After May 15, new students who enter an RF will be served by the district until the end of the year, but will not be entered into RF Tracker.

TEA has posted a To the Administrator Addressed letter regarding the timeline for RF Tracker data collection.  You  may access this letter on the TEA website at .

LEAs that are required to complete the data collection can access RF Tracker through the Texas Education Agency Secure Environment (TEASE) under the RF Tracker link.  If you do not have an account in the TEASE system for RF Tracker you will need to submit an on-line request for access by following the instructions on the TEA website at

Guidance and resources regarding the RF Monitoring System can be found on the TEA website by clicking Guidance and Resources

If you have questions please contact Joy Hunsucker, Region 13 at or 512-919-5177.


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