HB 440- Change in Education Code re: Physical Education/APE

HB 440 was recently passed and signed by Governor Greg Abbott.
Following is an excerpt from the Bill Analysis:
C.S. H.B. 440 amends the Education Code to require the State Board of Education , in identifying the essential knowledge and skills of physical education, to ensure that the physical education curriculum
required in each school district that offers kindergarten through grade 12 meets the needs of students who are eligible to participate in a school district’s special education program as provided by law or who meet the eligibility criteria developed by the Texas Education Agency for a special education program.
The bill takes effect in the 2015–2016 school year.
All of the related documents are located here: http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/text.aspx?LegSess=84R&Bill=HB440
For districts with procedures in place to properly identify student need and provide a continuum of services and supports, the implications of this legal change may be insignificant.  Consider reviewing your APE referral process; revisiting your continuum of service delivery models; and adding this information to back-to-school training agendas.
Region 10’s Adapted Physical Education website has helpful resources toward the bottom of the page.  Should you have further questions or needs, please let us know!
Contact: Nichole.Kertis@esc13.txed.net or 512-919-5246.

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