July Workshop: Educationally Relevant Clinical Reasoning for Related Service Providers

girl with cp in wheelchairBeing a school-based occupational or physical therapist is a challenging and rewarding job.  Staying abreast of best practices in clinical reasoning and trying to fit this into your districts’ culture and procedures can be difficult. Here’s a workshop that will help and that I’m really excited about …


This two-day workshop, on July 15 & 16, will explore clinical reasoning and data-informed problem-solving in school-based practice. Participant will learn through a combination of focused lecture, discussion, and applied activities in working through the therapy process in schools using a challenging student with an IEP from his/her own caseload. Anchoring the discussion in educational relevance, the group will examine current and best practices in referral, evaluation, IEP development, intervention planning, service delivery on Day 1, and progress monitoring on Day 2. Progress monitoring will be analyzed from the lens of understanding intervention effects, including the fidelity of implementation when specially designed interventions are assigned to instructional partners for delivery. Participants will experience how progress monitoring works in the context of both the therapeutic and IEP processes, the benefits and challenges of progress monitoring IEP goals, and how progress monitoring is particularly valuable in curriculum-based IEP development, documentation, and effectiveness assessment.

Further details and registration information can be found at this link: http://ecampus.esc13.net/show_class_info.html?classid=32360


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