Do you have questions about allowable supplemental aids for STAAR assessments?

Texas Education Agency (TEA) has posted an up-dated Power Point training for the use of allowable supplemental aids for STAAR assessments.

To review the Power Point from the TEA website click here.

Remember any allowable accommodation for STAAR must be routinely, independently, and effectively used as an accommodation during classroom instruction and classroom testing before it meets the criteria as an accommodation for the STAAR assessments.

Allowable supplemental aids include:

Mnemonic Devices SA1

Blank Graphic Organizers SA2

Math Charts SA3

Pictorial Models of Fractions and Geometric Figures SA4

Written Composition Rules SA5

Science Graphics SA6

Science Formula Triangles SA7

Blank Maps SA8

Timelines SA9


Another important reminder, supplemental aids do not have to be STAAR compliant the first time the aid is introduced to the student. Provide what is necessary for the aid to be meaningful for the student based on the student’s individual needs. Then work to scaffold and adapt the aid to then be test ready by STAAR time.

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