Do you want to learn how to maximize student engagement and learning with active participation in your lessons?

Then we have 3 workshops for you!

Region 13 is offering three workshops based on Anita Archer and Charles Hughes’ book, Explicit
Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching. Ramp up your classroom instruction and join us for one or even better, all three days. These workshops are relevant for elementary as well as secondary teachers in general education and special education. Participants attending one or more of the workshops in this course will receive a copy of Explicit Instruction and special education teachers receive a discount! So please come join us for one or even all three days of learning and fun.

For discount information please contact Vicky Yarbrough at 512-919-5494 or email


Explicit Instruction: Designing Lessons for Active Participation (FA1533178) December 3rd

This workshop explores the foundations of Explicit Instruction. Using an explicit instructional approach, you’ll learn to design organized lessons focused on strategies, skills, vocabulary and content.

Explicit Instruction: Delivering Lessons with Active Participation (SP1633658) January 13th

This workshop is for elementary and secondary teachers and focuses on the “art of teaching.” You’ll learn to deliver organized lessons focused on eliciting student responses through careful monitoring using corrective and affirmative feedback.

Explicit Instruction: Classroom Management for Active Participation (SP1633179) February 18th

In order for any classroom to successfully implement Explicit Instruction, classroom management is key. In this workshop you’ll learn a four step process for explicitly teaching rules to your students, how to teach content rules as “if…then” statements and how to make your classroom climate both orderly and positive.

K-5 Teacher Survey – Make your voice heard!

Stakeholder Perspectives on Instructional Support and Professional Development Needs to Enhance Literacy for All Students

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and the Meadows Center for Preventing Educational Risk (MCPER) are conducting a survey to learn more about teachers’ perspectives on the literacy development of all learners and preferences for professional development. The information gathered will guide development of training modules and classroom resources designed to assist teachers in the transition from state assessments based on modified standards to the general state assessment, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®). More information on this initiative is available at Targeting the 2 Percent.

Educators who work with students in grades kindergarten–5 are invited to complete the short survey at

Tell us what you think!

The Progress in the General Curriculum (PGC) Network (formerly the Access to the General Curriculum (AGC) Network) is conducting a needs assessment in order to best serve stakeholders throughout the state.  Please take a moment to complete the survey (found here: ) and help us gather information regarding our current resources, their impact, and the future resources you feel are necessary to help support students with disabilities to access and progress in the general curriculum.  Current PGC resources can be found here: and include:
Standards Based Individualized Education Program Online Training;
Individualized Education Program Question and Answer Document;
Least Restrictive Environment Question and Answer Document;
Working with Paraprofessionals: A Resource for Teachers of Students with Disabilities;
A How To Guide: Guidelines for Co-Teaching in Texas; and
Grading and Progress Monitoring for Students with Disabilities.
The questionnaire should take between 5-10 minutes to complete.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and help us to improve our network and its resources.

Are you wondering how to effectively choose and use accommodations for students with disabilities?

Then come to Accommodations Central workshop on December 1, 2015!

In this workshop you will acquire tools to implement a five step accommodation process that includes selection, administration, and evaluation of accommodations in the classroom. You will also learn how to link appropriate classroom accommodations to appropriate testing accommodations.

Region 13 Specialists will provide updated information about STAAR Accommodations Triangle and STAAR A.

This workshop will look at accommodations suitable for students from kindergarten through 12th grade. The accommodation process is applicable to any subject area and meaningful to special education teachers as well as general education teachers.

We hope to see you there!

To register visit, and search for Accommodations Central or workshop #FA1532296