Attention Teachers With Struggling Readers

Would you like to learn specific strategies to assist your students in reading?

We have the workshop for you!

The SIM team at Region 13 is offering a reading boot camp for STAAR!  It is specifically designed for struggling readers who failed STAAR and are in a SSI Intervention group.

Join us on January 14, 2016, to learn two researched-based, explicit reading strategies for students in grades 4-12.  Participants will receive lessons that can be used during the weeks leading up to STAAR, and they will complete the workshop ready to implement the strategies in their classes.

Hurry! Seats are filling fast. Registration ends on 1/14/2016 at 8:30 am.

RtI Tier 2 & 3 Literacy Strategies: Reading Boot Camp for STAAR (SP1632475)

Student Success Initiative (Texas SUCCESS) Online Accelerated Instruction Resources

Texas Education Agency


TEA released information for selected online accelerated instructional resources for math and reading.  School districts can now start preparing for their SSI plans in grades 3-5 and 6-8 in math and reading, as well as Algebra 1, English I and English II.

Please view the link below for more information on the chosen online resources for specific grade levels and subjects.

Every Student Succeeds Act signed into law this week!

US capitol

President Obama signed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law yesterday.   An advocacy group for students with disabilities remarked that this law “offers a stronger path forward for children and youth with exceptionalities than its predecessor, the No Child Left Behind Act” (CEC, Special Education Today. Dec. 10, 2016 edition).

To read the CEC’s Summary of Selected Provisions in Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) click here.

STAAR Alternate 2 – 2016 Overview

staar alt 2

If you are a first-time STAAR Alternate 2 test administrator and would like to learn more about the planning, preparation, and administration of this assessment, then please join us at the service center on December 14 or January 25 for a day of informational activities. During this one-day optional training, we will discuss:

  • ARD responsibilities, including the Participation Requirements document
  • Allowable Accommodations for STAAR Alternate 2
  • Sample Test Questions
  • Testing Timelines
  • Planning instruction using the Essence Statements, TEKS Curriculum Framework and TEKS Vertical Alignment documents

Please note: This training is designed for first-time test administrators.  If you successfully administered the STAAR Alternate 2 assessment last year, you may consider reviewing the materials on the STAAR Alternate 2 Resources webpage in lieu of attending this training.

To register for this free training, visit Region 13’s eCampus system.

Workshop IDs

December 14: FA1533766

January 25: SP1633767

We hope to see you there!