Debunked! The ‘Learning Style’ Myth


no learning styles


“Over and over, researchers have failed to find any substantive evidence for the notion of learning styles, to the point where it’s been designated a “neuromyth” by some education and psychology experts” (Singal, 2015).

Differentiation is beneficial for all learners – no need to box students in according to “Learning Style.”

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Improve Student Achievement

Attention PLC Network Members, Teachers and Administrators:

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New FREE Autism Resources


Region 13 is excited to announce the revision of the Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism website ( and the launch of the Autism Circuit website (  Our goal with these sites was to develop resources for educators, parents, and community members focusing on evidence-based practices for students with autism spectrum disorder.

Visitors to will find information to support the implementation of evidence-based practices (EBPs) with individuals who have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  This website include links Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching (TARGET) where you will find documents providing information and research on EBPs and evaluations/assessments.  You will also find information on trainings and webinars specific to ASD, the Texas State Autism Conference, and a variety of state and national resources. provides quick access to tools that may be used when working with an individual with ASD.  Each tool provides an explanation of how to use the tool, printable templates and resources, and links for additional resources.  There are also links in each tool connecting them to an EBP webinar and a TARGET document.

Please share these resources with educators, parents, and anyone else who works with students with autism.  We also welcome any feedback you may be able to provide.