UDL Series: Universal Design for Learning and Collaborative Teaching

Collaborative teaching is an opportunity to combine resources and expertise in order to provide students with the scaffolds and support they need to access the curriculum.

Are you part of a collaborative teaching team? Would you like to maximize your efforts and get the most out of having two adults in your classroom? The Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines are a great tool because they allow both adults to proactively plan together for the wide range of learner variability present in inclusive classrooms. But where do you start?

Create a Shared Vision

Get to know each other’s areas of expertise and communicate beliefs about student learning. Highlight those as you work and plan together throughout the year. Check out this video of author Elizabeth Stein sharing her experience using the UDL Framework as a common language between teachers.

Know Your Students

This Class Learning Profile (from Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL by Elizabeth Stein) goes beyond identifying student strengths, needs, and interests; it connects the UDL principles to instruction and serves as a valuable communication tool for teachers.

Look for Connections

Ask yourself, “What’s happening in our inclusion classroom that naturally aligns with implementing UDL?” Use this table to consider the instruction occurring within your collaborative teaching models. Do you see examples that address the UDL Principles of providing multiple means of engagement, representation, and action and expression?

Take the First Step

Meet as a team to review an upcoming lesson. Do you notice any potential barriers to learning? Focus on one of the UDL Guidelines and select tools, resources, or strategies that will help make the learning accessible to all of your students?

Join us monthly through July as we discuss the following topics and how the UDL framework can help you close the gap in student achievement. This blog series will culminate with a workshop by Katie Novak, our UDL Distinguished Speaker, on July 27th, 2018!

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UDL Now! A Guide to Classroom Application with Author Katie Novak

Participants can choose to attend face-to-face workshop or online workshop.

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UDL Blog Series:

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