Teacher Access to the STAAR Student Portal

Now teachers can access the STAAR Student Portal, which was launched last summer by TEA as a tool to provide parents quick access to their student’s STAAR results. In addition to test results the portal also provides parents information such as:

  • Year-over-year growth information
  • Individual student responses to actual test items
  • Student expectations covered by the items
  • Wrong answer rationales

TEA created sample logins so teachers can explore the portal for themselves. The logins can be found in the Student Portal Generic Credentials for STAAR Grades 5 and 8 document.

Teachers who want to use the tool for planning immediate remediation can work with district testing coordinators who are authorized to provide item responses for each student in the teacher’s classroom.

To begin exploring the portal go to TexasAssessment.com. If you have questions or need more information please call TEA’s Student Assessment Division at (512) 463-9536.

Note: Since the portal includes real test content that has not been released yet, educators should not duplicate or disseminate any test items until they are formally released by TEA in August.


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