Keynote for Beat the Heat 2018: Ruby’s Rainbow

We are happy to welcome Liz Plachta and Mark Hublar from Ruby’s Rainbow! 

This year’s keynote will cover the spectrum from elementary to adulthood! Ruby’s Rainbow is a scholarship program for adults with Down Syndrome to attend post-secondary education programs. This means access to college and other opportunities for lifelong learning. The keynote presentation will cover what access and inclusion can look like from earliest childhood all the way into advanced adulthood. No matter who you teach, where you teach, or what you teach, this exciting session is a must-see!

Liz Plachta

Liz is the executive director and co-founder of Ruby’s Rainbow. She launched this program in an effort to raise the standards for people with Down Syndrome, knowing that one day her daughter Ruby will be graduating from high school and looking for opportunities to continue learning. She will share stories from her life and her work, along with success stories from schools and communities in Texas and beyond.

Mark Hublar

Mark was a Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship recipient and attended Jefferson Community and Technical College in Louisville, Kentucky. He has been a public speaker for many years, sharing his story about growing up with an intellectual disability and his vision to “Aim High and Dream Big.”  His awards include “Citizen of the Year” award by Down Syndrome of Louisville, “Star Award” from Down syndrome Indiana, and “Local Hero Award” awarded by New Albany Parks Department. There’s a lot to say about Mark’s many accomplishments, but he says it best: “My goal is to become a successful spokesperson for individuals with disabilities, and help everyone to have a full time job and a full time life.”

We look forward to welcoming Liz and Mark to Beat the Heat!

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