ACentral homeIf you’re an educator trying to decipher all of your students’ accommodations and wondering what specifically they mean and if they’re really even effective, then you’ll really appreciate this new website designed with your needs in mind.  Welcome to Accommodation Central…..

Accommodation Central (www.acentral.education) is your ONE online stop for current information on supports for students. Here you will find everything you need: appropriate accommodations, practical tips, deeper learning, and a secure connected community.

www.acentral.education provides quick access to accommodations that support student learning. Each accommodation includes a summary, brief description, examples, steps for implementation, and state testing allowability. Multimedia supports such as pictures, videos, printable templates, and links for additional resources will soon be added. The site also includes a learning library for increasing knowledge of accommodations and related topics. Another unique feature of this site is the virtual community where users will be able to share ideas and questions with other educators, read and respond to blogs, participate in polls, surveys, and live question and answer sessions.  Wherever you find yourself on the site you can be assured that the information is updated and current.

So please check out www.acentral.education and join our community today.


Beat the Heat 2016: Registration Is… Oopen!

Graphic for Beat the Conference

Registration is open with 3 registration options available!

ESC Region 13’s Beat the Heat is a three-day professional development opportunity for educators who work with children 3-5 and children with significant disabilities ages 6-21.

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, June 29, 2016.  Back by popular demand this day provides day-long, in-depth learning opportunities at a more advanced level including: Challenging Behavior; General Curriculum Access for Students with Intellectual Disability; Structure and Visual Supports; Transition & Life Planning; Foundations of Social Interaction for Early Learners with Visual Impairments; Safety and Sexuality for Adolescents; The Pyramid Model: An Intervention Model for Young Children with Challenging Behavior.

Beat the Heat: Thursday & Friday, June 30- July 1, 2016. This popular traditional format of a keynote speaker and breakout sessions on best practices features area professionals and ESC staff.  Content for the breakout sessions is developed to meet the needs of new and veteran teachers.  Topic include: Curriculum & Instruction; Classroom Management & Organization; Behavior; Autism; Communication; Assistive Technology; Sensory-Motor; Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD); Transition; and 18+ Programming.

Want the entire experience?  

  • Register for Beat the Heat 2016 – 3 Day All Inclusive!  
  • June 29-30, & July 1, 2016
  • Workshop #SU1631578
  • Cost: $125.00 (This represents a $30 savings over registering for individual days)

Can only come 1 or 2 days?

  • Register for Beat the Heat 2016: Day 1 Pre-Conference
  • June 29, 2016
  • Workshop #SU1634907
  • Cost: $55.00
  • Register for Beat the Heat 2016: Days 2 & 3 Main Conference
  • June 30-July 1, 2016
  • Workshop #SU1634908
  • Cost: $105.00


For more information contact:


Inclusion Institute 2016

The Road to Inclusion: Strategies for Your Journey

Empty asphalt road and signs symbolizing success

 June 8, 2016

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This one-day institute provides practical solutions to day-to-day inclusive challenges, focusing on effective collaboration and instructional practices to better support students with disabilities in the general education classroom.

Join us to hear the inspirational stories of Dr. Kelly Grillo and Caroline Nelson.  These educational leaders will share their life-changing personal and professional experiences with disabilities and the challenges of inclusion.  Participants will learn practical strategies for addressing the complex needs of students with IEPs in general education classrooms.

Register in ecampus

Course number: SU1631795

Cost: $55, lunch provided

Discounts are available for ECP teachers. Contact Giselle Williams for the discount code. giselle.williams@esc13.txed.net or 512-919-5396


TexasSUCCESS Training

TexasSUCCESS clip

Through the TexasSUCCESS initiative, the state of Texas has made digital resources available to support students who need SSI accelerated instruction in the areas of reading and mathematics. The vendors providing these online services will be conducting Training of Trainers (ToT) sessions this spring and summer at ESC 13 for teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators. Session participants will be able to share the information they learned about each program with interested staff at their campus and/or district.

For more information about each session, or to register for one or more of these free sessions, please see the Region 13 Instructional Technology Workshop page.

NEW! Specially Designed Instruction Document

The Progress to the General Curriculum (PGC) Statewide Network is very proud to announce the release of the newest PGC statewide guidance document, Specially Designed Instruction Document.

SDI resource


This document is a resource for teachers of students receiving special education services. The document includes legal references defining specially designed instruction (SDI) and a comparison of high yield instructional strategies and SDI. Sections on planning and implementing SDI, along with suggested roles and responsibilities for the general and special educators, are included in this guidance.

The PGC Statewide Network website also hosts a short webinar covering high yield strategies for reading.

Dyslexia Conference 2015 – Awesome Opportunity – Attend Day Two for FREE

The 2015 Fall Dyslexia Conference, September 23 and 24, will offer two days of innovative presentations with a focus on helping students “Connect to Text.”

On Day One, Dr. Jill Allor, Ed. D., professor and chair of the SMU Department of Teaching and Learning, will provide the keynote address. Dr. Allor will share her research and successes with students’ transfer and application of skills to connected text reading.

Day 1 Breakout sessions include: Top Tech Tools for Struggling Readers, Second Language or Something Else? Special Considerations for ELLs, Dialogic Reading and Beyond, Transitioning Section 504 Students to Post-Secondary Education, The Lexile Framework and Post-Secondary Demands, and more!

Day 1 will also provide a preview of the upcoming fall release of the Texas Dyslexia Academy trainings.

To register visit eCampus

WORKSHOP ID: FA1531557 $125.

On Day Two, Dr. Allor will present a full-day, intensive workshop: Effective Strategies for Teaching Reading to Students with Intellectual Disability: Current Research and Implications for Instruction.

This interactive workshop will focus on the critical role of the teacher in providing instruction that is both evidence based and specifically designed to meet the needs of individual students. Participants will learn about ongoing research at SMU and practical strategies for effectively teaching students with ID to read.

We are able to offer a limited number of special education teachers serving students with intellectual disabilities FREE register to Day Two, Dr. Allor’s session. To request a 100% discount code for the Day Two workshop, complete and submit the form in this link: http://bit.ly/DC2015sped

"FREE" in text hanging from clouds

To register visit eCampus

   Workshop ID: FA1531558


Resource to pass along to parents

Have you discovered the website understood.org yet? This website is designed for parents of a child with learning and attention issues. The website has great resources for anyone wanting to know more about learning disabilities and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. For example, it can take you through simulations of these different disabilities, helping parents and other adults understand more about the child’s disability. It offers information to help with school work and tips for how to have a great IEP meeting. It offers suggestions for assistive technology and how to empower children to better understand their own disability. We really enjoyed the personal video interviews of students with disabilities and the families who support these children.


We think you will find this website useful and we hope you will share it with the families in your school.


Access to General Curriculum Statewide Guidance Documents

The new year is upon us and you may have questions about Special Education.  Don’t fret, guidance is at your fingertips!


AGC Resources are statewide guidance documents covering important topics such as co-teaching, LRE, IEP, paraprofessionals, and grading.   Quick access to all of these documents can be found at www.esc20.net/agcnetwork. The website has been up-dated with short informative videos that provide a brief explanation of each of the resources.

In addition, Education Specialists at Region 13 are available to answer questions you may have regarding Special Education.

Wishing every teacher a great start to the new school year!


July Workshop: Educationally Relevant Clinical Reasoning for Related Service Providers

girl with cp in wheelchairBeing a school-based occupational or physical therapist is a challenging and rewarding job.  Staying abreast of best practices in clinical reasoning and trying to fit this into your districts’ culture and procedures can be difficult. Here’s a workshop that will help and that I’m really excited about …


This two-day workshop, on July 15 & 16, will explore clinical reasoning and data-informed problem-solving in school-based practice. Participant will learn through a combination of focused lecture, discussion, and applied activities in working through the therapy process in schools using a challenging student with an IEP from his/her own caseload. Anchoring the discussion in educational relevance, the group will examine current and best practices in referral, evaluation, IEP development, intervention planning, service delivery on Day 1, and progress monitoring on Day 2. Progress monitoring will be analyzed from the lens of understanding intervention effects, including the fidelity of implementation when specially designed interventions are assigned to instructional partners for delivery. Participants will experience how progress monitoring works in the context of both the therapeutic and IEP processes, the benefits and challenges of progress monitoring IEP goals, and how progress monitoring is particularly valuable in curriculum-based IEP development, documentation, and effectiveness assessment.

Further details and registration information can be found at this link: http://ecampus.esc13.net/show_class_info.html?classid=32360


Inclusion Institute 2015

Are you thinking about attending professional development this summer?

Are you wanting to learn evidence-based strategies to increase student success?

Are you interested in how to increase student motivation and effort?


You need to attend the 2015 Inclusion Institute: New Frame of Mind. Join us June 11th for a one-day conference that will bring you LOTS of ideas to help students. Plus, in addition to the keynote session covering Growth Mindsets with Emily Diehl, you will also receive a copy of MindSet: New Psychology of Success. The day will also include opportunities to attend breakout sessions covering current inclusive topics. For more information and to register check out Inclusion Institute 2015, http://bit.ly/Inclusion2015.

Register now for a chance to receive your very own copy of MindSet!