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Video Message: Don’t Limit Me!

This inspiring video has been making the rounds at Region 13 and we wanted to share it with you. There’s nothing we can say as an introduction that Megan doesn’t say better herself. Watch it and share:  

Why Teach Special Education?

Something to share with the recent graduates in your life: Learn more at and Why do you teach special education?

Register Now! Class is 4/25/2013.

Attention PPCD, Early Childhood and Primary Lifeskills!  Only one week left until we welcome author and presenter  Jessica Roberts, who will walk us through making a video-based social story.  For more information on video social stories, visit her website: Jessica will pair up with a Region 13  literacy specialist for a full day of […]

According to Joel

Joel is a fifth grade student. He is an intelligent, articulate student with a passion for UT football and cars. He is also an AWESOME performer with a killer voice. This video is a culmination of a year’s worth of effort dedicated to social thinking skills. Joel would like to take this opportunity to share […]

A Unique Approach to Inclusion

“Special education teachers make great team leaders because they don’t focus on content, they focus on children.” Robert Sormani, principal of Chisholm Trail Middle School in Round Rock ISD, talks about his unique approach to scheduling for inclusion and collaboration amongst his teachers at our Perspectives on Inclusion panel during last week’s Leadership Network Conference.

White House Highlights STEM Innovators in the Disability Community

Read below for an AWESOME live streaming opportunity to share with your students.  If you can’t make it to today’s LIVE event, the recorded archives are also available from the same site. On Monday, May 7th, the White House will honor 14 individuals as Champions of Change for leading the fields of science, technology, engineering, […]

Expert Interview with Milton Dehn

I recently interviewed memory expert Milton Dehn. He’s the author of four different books on educational psychology, three of which focus on how to assess and improve a student’s memory. During our interview he answered the following four BIG questions: 1. What is memory? 2. Is there a difference between learning and memory? 3. How […]

NEW Expert Interview with Jonathan Winn

How does a brand new teacher quit after his first two years because he was so miserable, to come back to create the most popular class on campus? Jonathan Winn, San Diego’s 2011 HS Teacher of the Year, did just that.  His passion for teaching was reignited by a fellow Algebra teacher; he studied, learned, […]

Communication Series: Using Neutral Language

Emotions run high when issues are near and dear to our hearts. As a listener or facilitator, you can help a speaker by using neutral language AND by summarizing using neutral language. Listen in as our novice facilitator receives coaching on this critical skill.  Think about how you can use this skill with colleagues, in meetings and […]

Communication Series: Open-Ended Questions

Disagreements can arise in any situation–at home or work. The key to problem solving is listening. And, the key to listening is effective questioning. All types of questions can be helpful when used purposefully. Open-ended questions are most effective at drawing out people’s ideas and concerns when beginning to problem solve. Watch our actors try […]

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