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STAAR A Info all in one spot

We have created a Thinglink called STAAR A: Things You Need to Know. To access this resource, click this link: While viewing the Thinglink, hover over the picture to see the hotspot dots. Then hover over a dot to see where the link will take you. Click on the dots to access various resources […]

PLAAFPs, Goals, and Accommodations, oh my!

Are you looking for information and support to help you write powerful PLAAFPs and purposeful goals?  There are many aspects to writing a full Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  This training will focus on writing powerful PLAAFP statements which will lead to student-focused goals.  Participants will leave with easy to use tools to support their efforts for well […]

Math for All workshop coming up

        Are you a math teacher? Do you have students with disabilities in your math class? Are you looking for strategies for how to address accommodations and modifications in your math class? Are you wondering about this new STAAR A assessment and what impact that will have on students in your math […]

STAAR A Overview webinar available for you to view

If you were not able to listen to our STAAR A Overview webinar this past Monday, not to worry. We have posted the recorded webinar on our webinar webpage. For STAAR A resources check out the STAAR A tab and the STAAR Accommodations tab on our Accommodations Central LiveBinder.

STAAR A Update

Region 13 attended TEA’s STAAR A training on Wednesday, September 24th. The training covered STAAR A, the computer based assessment with accommodations. We learned of the embedded accommodations and accessibility features that STAAR A will provide to students with disabilities. We also learned of the eligibility requirements and timeline for release of more information. We […]

STAAR Standardized Oral Administration will be expanded for 2015 testing

From TEA: Standardized oral administration (SOA) for the STAAR program, an online option for oral administration, will be expanded in the 2014–2015 school year to include grade 5 science and grade 6 reading and mathematics assessments. Districts will be able to test students using SOA for STAAR in the following grades and subjects:   grade […]

New STAAR A Assessment

Texas educators will be interested in TEA’s new assessment for some students with disabilities: STAAR A. There are a number of important details yet to be determined, including eligibility criteria, access features for students with sensory and motor impairments, and time limits. It is a computer-based assessment that will have “embedded” accommodations. In the demonstration […]

Technology Tips for Oral Administration

Special Education teachers spend a lot of their time reading tests and quizzes out loud to students, not to mention regular classroom lessons and assignments. For some students, this is an unavoidable part of their instructional plan. But we think that, for many students, technology tools can provide an equally good, if not better, approach […]

Collaboration for Inclusion: Videos

The videos below are from the National Center on Educational Outcomes’ Youtube channel and highlight best practices for special education teachers who are collaborating with other teachers, with parents, and with students: Teachers Working Together to Identify Student Needs   Special Education Teacher Communicating with Parents

Inclusion Support for ELA-R

If you are teaching students with disabilities in an inclusion setting, either as a Special Education teacher or as a General Education teacher, Region 13 would like to encourage you to attend Accessing the General Curriculum in English Language Arts on April 9, 2014. Participants will leave with strategies to help deliver engaging, scaffolded lesson […]

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