Accommodations Triangle Now Updated by TEA

TEA has updated the STAAR Accommodations Triangle as well as the Optional Test Administration Procedures and Materials (OTAPMs) document to reflect changes for the 2012-13 school year.  Many of the changes are merely clarifications of information.  Math Scribe, an additional support, has been added to the Type 3 Accommodations.  There have also been additions and clarifications to the OTAPMs.  A series of blogs will follow over the next few weeks identifying specific changes in the Accommodations Triangle in detail.  Click on the links below for more detailed information:

TEA’s Accommodation Triangle  (webpage)

OTAPM 12-13 with highlighted changes  (ESC created pdf)

For further questions please contact:

Cathy Miller 512-919-5160
JC Sanders 512-919-5420
Matt Holloway 512-919-5396



Inclusion Institute for Secondary Teachers, June 15, 2012

2012 Inclusion Institute Virtual Conference just added!!

More information on this exciting addition coming soon.

The 2nd annual i2, Inclusion Institute for Secondary Teachers is approaching quickly.  This  year’s institute is shaping up to be even better than last year.  Inclusion expert, Dr. Paula Kluth, will renew that joy for learning that brought us all to this profession.  Her keynote,  “Joyful Learning”, will be an interactive session.  Participants will apply principles of differentiation by exploring a number of collaborative, active, and brain-compatible learning techniques aimed at engaging students and making learning joyful.

In addition, breakout sessions will specifically focus on the needs of secondary teachers.  Breakout session topics include:

  • Educating Students with Austism:  20 Ideas for the Inclusive Classroom
  • Facilitating Anywhere, Anytime Learning for Readers with Print Disabilities
  • How Can My Math Class Be More Like a Video Game?
  • Maximizing Student Learning in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Inclusion and STAAR ALT Students
  • Web 2.0 Tools for All Learners
  • STAARtling Technology Accommodations
  • Skills to Improve Teaching and Learning
  • and more…….

Click on the video below to see a quick preview of our breakout session “Brain-based Memory Strategies for the Science Classroom”.

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 Inclusion Institute for Secondary Teachers

Friday, June 15, 2012                           9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Education Service Center Region XIII

5701 Springdale Rd.                             Austin, TX   78723

On-site:  $55                                                    Virtual:  $40


Register for on-site conference                                       Inclusion Institute Flyer (pdf)

 For more information, contact:

Cathy Miller or 512-919-5160

Supplemental Aid Project

illustration [Converted]

This newly created site is for anyone looking for instructional supplemental aids to help students struggling with accessing the general curriculum, including assessments.

On our site there are links to helpful tools for teachers to create their own supplemental aids for their students as well as links to TEA documents.

Our goal is to provide teachers with a variety of high-quality supplemental aid examples/templates. The examples were created by teachers for teachers.

New documents will be added periodically after they have been reviewed and comments added.