What is Universal Design for Learning?


You may have heard the term “Universal Design for Learning” and wanted to know more about it. UDL is an approach that draws inspiration from architectural principles that call for buildings to be made accessible to people of various needs. The idea behind Universal Design for Learning is that students learn best when they are presented with multiple modes of:

  • Representation (the way instruction is delivered)
  • Expression (the way students show what they know)
  • Engagement (the way that students are engaged and motivated through a lesson)

If you are interested in a more concrete explanation of Universal Design for Learning, the 15-minute video and module on the page below highlights the concepts as they are used in classrooms:


Finally, click here for a downloadable chart that lays out all of the elements of Universal Design on a one-page display: Universal Design for Learning Guidelines

If you would like more information, you may want to access the CAST website: http://www.cast.org/index.htm 


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